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   Jun 15

About me

Welcome to Greenthumbs!

My name is Linda and I’m a gardener! This blog is about me, my plants and our adventures.

Right now I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my boyfriend and way too many potted plants. I have a balcony and four windowsills so for the most part I focus on container growing.

At the moment I’m into Mediterranean plants like figs, olives, citrus and various herbs. But in my heart there is a special place for many tropical ones too, like Passifloras, Plumerias and Guava. I have a fascination for all things Hawaiian.

My goal in life is to get into a horticultural education program and grow, grow, grow!

All text and photos belong to me and may not be reproduced.

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  1. lene starander says:

    It´s always insipering to read about your planst, and also to see your lovely pictures

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