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   Aug 12

The Amaryllis Algorithm

I confess I’m a sucker for Amaryllis bulbs. Every year, just when I’m as most vulnerable for their siren song and starved of greenery in the middle of winter, I buy one or two at full price without fail because they seduce me with their tall, fresh green stalks with promises of gorgeous, extravagant flowers. Then when the holidays are over I always pick up one or two (or more!) perky healthy looking bulbs for next to nothing.

On top of that I’m a mushy weakling who can’t throw out plants just because the flourish is over. I know that with proper care I can bring the flowers back.

That leads me to the summer problem, plump bulbs with extensive foliage looking for a place in the sun at my tiny balcony (every balcony I ever have had or will have in the future will always be too tiny, no matter the size). As of right now I have an unknown number of bulbs in the wardrobe, on my balcony and indoors. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were twenty of them.

The thing is they look quite boring, and when not in bloom they are a problem. However, in a month or two I will have to start taking all my plants indoors and unfortunately my windowsills aren’t endless.

Many people let the bulbs go dormant, but I don’t like doing that because for me they always lose volume, and the roots can be hard to get growing again. In the worst case scenario the roots will shrivel and die. If that happens I can be sure the bulb is going to rot if I plant it. Thus I keep them growing all year long.

What do I do with all these bulbs? My plan of action is to take one of my largest pots and plant every single one of them in the same pot. It might work, or it might not but I have nothing to lose. I wish I lived in a frost free climate where I could put all my bulbs out in a flower bed like we do with daffodils when Easter has come to an end.

Or I might end up as Sheldon Cooper, only trying to solve a definite space problem instead.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Hey, could you do a post about how you get the Amaryllis to keep growing and thriving? I’ve never tried but it sounds like something I’d like to do.

    • admin says:

      Sure! I’ll write a long post about the inns and outs of Amaryllis bulbs for you. It is really not that complicated.

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