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   Jul 24

Christmas in July!

I don’t like it when I’m told that something is impossible; it gives me the itch to prove otherwise. Take for example the widely believed fact that you can’t save and grow Christmas plants longer than Easter, and that’s a stretch.
Well, I can! I have had several Amaryllis bulbs flowering again, in fact I have many Amaryllises and other Christmas plants out on my balcony. Basking in the sun right now are about ten Amaryllis bulbs, two Narcissus Tazetta bulbs (Paperwhites) and one pink Poinsettia (it will be pink when I get it to flower again), all of them healthy and thriving.
The Poinsettia has been babied since I bought it with regular lukewarm showers, repotting in good compost, a large sunny window and is now enjoying the great outdoors. The Amaryllis bulbs, on the other hand, have been a bit mistreated. I had them in a dark, warm and moisture-zapping room for months. But the Paperwhites suffered the most. I forgot about them and was then reminded of their existence when the sprouts started to yellow and fade. I remembered them but just as soon forgot about them again. However, when it was time to replant my big olive tree they found a permanent home as under-vegetation to the tree. Now they are the healthiest Christmas bulbs I have ever seen in July. I don’t expect them to flower right away, but maybe later when they have had time to photosynthesize some more. It is with pride I can look at two healthy, thriving Paperwhites under an olive tree, where they belong!

Paperwhites need a lot of fertilizer if they are to be grown after Christmas. Here they are, healthy and green together with Lavender and Lemon balm.

Tazetter sommar Tazetter

The Poinsettia needs to be damp, but not wet. That can sometimes be hard to achieve, an old soda bottle filled with water helps with that.

Julstjärna stam Julstjärna, hel

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