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   Jul 01

More passion!

Last week I received my greatly anticipated package from Georgia Vines. About two weeks after I had placed my order I found a tattered package in my mailbox. In it were the seeds of Passiflora Incarnata, or Maypop. The Maypop is a Passiflora with edible fruit native to the southern parts of the US. As I’m always on the hunt for something that produces fruit and is easy to grow, it caught my eye. Even though I had to give myself a stern talking with “no more plants or seeds!”, I hit the order button anyway since they were cheap.

The seeds are quite large compared to other Passiflora seeds I have seen; the funny thing is that they are all kinds of varying colour, from pale beige to pitch black. I have never seen anything like this!

I have decided to let the seeds wait until I get home from vacation, then I’ll put them in the soil.

Passiflora incarnata macro Passiflora incarnata

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