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   Jun 30

Growing Calamondin and other citruses in Sweden

I had long been fond of Citruses and had done quite a bit of research before buying one. My first one was bought sometime in January this year but unfortunately it didn’t live long due to the soil it had been planted in. Hard claylike soil that retains water a long time and then goes rock hard when it dries is definitely not the best soil to have a houseplant in. Because that’s the upside with the Calamondin, it can be grown as a houseplant! It can withstand a bit of warmth from a radiator as long as it receives plenty of water. But don’t be tempted to overwater! Citruses are prone to root rot, which is how my first one went. Later this year I bought a new one, smaller, and even though it was planted in the right soil I made sure to replant it in a free draining low-pH soil anyway.

If one wants to grow a citrus tree indoors but doesn’t have access to a cooler place in the range of 5-15 C. it can definitely be grown indoors on the windowsill. Just be sure to choose a Calamondin, Citrus mitis. Still many Calamondins appreciate such a place if they can get it. Extra light is also beneficial.

So with all this in mind, how do I grow my little tree? Well, obviously I kept it indoors during the winter. I put it outdoors sometime in May when the temperature had reached 15 C. The first few weeks I had it under a protecting plant fabric since it would have burned in the spring sun otherwise.

Once it had acclimatised to the outdoors I placed it in full sun. It thrives in hot weather with lots and lots of sun! It grows best in a low-pH soil. When the soil feels dry I water it deeply, but try to avoid standing water on the saucer.

I plan to take it indoors sometime when the temperatures drop to 10-15 C. again.

The tree still had some fully formed oranges when I bought it and some small green ones came from the first flowering. Now, nearly one and a half months later, it has flower buds again! The plant sets buds because of the cooler nights. So in a short while I will have wonderfully fragrant white orange blossoms again. I am quite looking forward to this.

Today I told Mr. Greenthumb that we were going to eat homegrown oranges! Nothing you hear about every day in Sweden. I plucked a ripe plump orange with a pair of scissors and peeled it. It had a pleasant taste, quite sour but all the while sweet and tangy. The rind is moist and thin but easy to peel and the fruit has lots of segments.

I waited a long time after buying the tree to eat the fruits because I didn’t know what kind of chemicals had been used on it. But I figured several months, countless showers, repotting and organic care would have taken care of most. It can’t be worse than what I buy at the store.

I will update with more pictures once it flowers again.

Calamondin 3 Calamondin frukt Calamondin

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