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   Sep 14

Crete and Life

The first week of the second school year has passed. I have been able to bike to school two days which has been lovely. The week went by in a snap, filled with nasty insects and plant diseases. Honestly, a bit doom and gloom with yesterday’s lecture about the elm disease and related ones. The current course is about all the unfortunate things plants can become afflicted with. Although at first glance uninteresting it has turned out to be the exactly opposite, I have high hopes for this course.

Before school started we went to Crete for a week and went on lots of crazy adventures, like the Samaria Gorge, visiting random Cretan villages, Heraklion and Knossos and the fabulous Botanical Park. The park was wonderful, an odd mix of temperate plants and nearly tropical ones. I never thought I’d see a Monstera deliciosa next to a fruiting apple tree. We were able to buy some organic fruit from the park and I had the most wonderful Asian pear, it had a grainy texture, a sweet taste with a prominent tone of marzipan.

I was amazed by the variety of plants. Especially the variegated citrus tree!
In Kastelli, a small village on the west coast I stumbled across the rare and endangered Sea Daffodil, Pancratium maritimum. It grows in sandy dunes and flowers in summer with white green tinged flowers which reminds me of the Caribbean spider lily. Because of exploitation on the beaches and beach goers it has been pushed back from its natural habitat. The dunes were actually fenced off from the beach with information about the species and the conservation status. In the village of Stavros I had the pleasure of rinsing off the salt from the sea in a freshwater shower while standing next to a clump of Sea Daffodils, an experience I’ll never forget.


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  1. Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed the reading.

  2. Lene Starander says:

    Beautiful pictures of interesting flowers and plants.

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