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   Aug 23

A Mint In The Concrete Jungle

I adore mint, it was one of the plants that was hauled from place to place when we lived in Stockholm and moved around a lot due to the difficulties of finding an apartment. It has lived in many a pot and even a sad looking window box once.
I love it because the pretty lavender coloured flowers are popular with the bees and I’m also very fond of bees, who isn’t? It has a lovely scent and can be used in so many dishes. Everything from a decadent chocolate cake with a taste of mint to tzatziki and teas. The possibilities are endless.
I kept a tiny plant in an equally tiny pot and brought it home from Stockholm this spring and wanted to plant it on my balcony. Of course mint is highly invasive so I couldn’t plant it together with something else, it had to have a pot on it’s own and at the same time I wanted it to be frost proof since mint doesn’t like to live indoors in winter. I found a pretty concrete planter and had mom help me drill a drainage hole in the bottom. Pretty!

The sunchokes are getting tall

The Gloriosa lily in flower, dangerous beauty since it’s very poisonous.

‘Manhattan’ got treated with keiki paste around Christmas, got two rootless keikis and now the keikis got flowers. I think ‘Manhattan’ is one of the prettiest orchids I have.

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