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   Jul 02

Wonderful West Coast

Finally, we’re settled once again back home in Gothenburg. There are tons of work to do, cleaning out the cupboards, washing all the china again and generally lots of cleaning to do. Our renters weren’t very clean or hygienic. The shower looked like it hadn’t been washed at all in the three years we have been gone and there are small repairs to be done everywhere. At the same time we’re trying to be social and catch up with relatives and old friends. My parents have been super helpful with offering their time and car to go to IKEA and loaning us their drill and all the tiny things that makes the days easier.
The balcony was in a sorry state with lots of algae growing on the railing and the old paint on the floor is flaking so we had to get wooden flooring for it to look nice again. And of course a shelf for me to put some of the potted plants. Things are shaping up a bit now though, I have planted the sunchokes in a huge pot, the herb pot is in place and I have put up new hooks on the wall to replace the old rusty ones.
The two large windows in our living room are facing a wooded slope where I once put in some spring bulbs and a rhododendron. A maple sapling had done a good job at totally hiding the bush so it had to be cut out to see the rhododendron again and once the area was cleared I found a columbine I had planted way back in 2011. The Spanish bluebells have done a decent job at spreading and can be found here and there. I have to do some more clearing to plant more bulbs in fall but like everything else that is a work in progress.





Sunchokes are thirsty!
All of the houseplants survived the move but some are looking a bit worse for wear, right now I’m trying to get them to perk up but they are many and mom and dad were here and dropped off even more plants that had been living at their place.
Apparently I was a hoarder when I moved out from my parents and said yes to literally everything offered to me so I have had to do a lot of clearing out, throwing away and giving to charity. I have even decided not to buy any more plants right now since I have way too many, the ones I have have to be spaced out and properly cared for in their new setting before I can add more the the collection.

Madagscar vine, Stephanotis floribunda. Before and after repotting.

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