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   Jun 11

After Rain Comes Sunshine

Update: I wrote this post prior to the move but never got the chance to post it until now. I’ll have a new post up soon about my new life in Gothenburg!

We have had a cold and rainy spring here in Stockholm but it is finally warming up enough to wear a t-shirt for a short errand outdoors. The tulip season is the longest one I can ever remember and we have an odd mix of spring flowers and early summer ones.
But shortly we’re going to change Stockholm for Gothenburg and moving back home permanently. I passed my important math course and am hopefully done with studies at that level and can move on to University soon. Yay me! I had honestly not thought that I’d pass the exam and had planned to take up math once again back in Gothenburg. The “congratulations!” from my teacher was one of the best things I have heard in a long time, I almost cried with joy! And a special thanks to my teacher Anneli.
Now I have what feels like a void in my life, a happy void but still a void. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, apply for a job or take a summer course at Gothenburg University? Guess time will tell!

I also did my last day at work this Sunday, I felt sad to say goodbye to my wonderful colleagues at Doctors Without Borders Médecins Sans Frontières. It has truly been a great experience and if I ever get the opportunity to work with the organization again I will.
Now all that remains is to hand in the paperwork for changing address to Skatteverket and do my best to pack up my plants and clean out the apartment. Mom and dad gets here Friday by car and Johan will take the train down to the west coast when he has handed over the keys to our landlord.
In terms of plants there’s not much happening, I haven’t planted much really because of the move. We had a farewell party for our closest friends Saturday and I saved the tiny pot of chives from when I made a potato salad. Yesterday I planted the leftovers down in the communal yard so it can live on and be useful for our neighbors.
Also as I have previously showed I had a pot of sunchokes that I planted way back when we hadn’t decided to move, I still have lots of tubers in the fridge so I decided to give away that single pot to a colleague with an allotment. I hope it thrives and that he gets lots and lots of wonderful sunchokes.

Disclaimer. I’m not in any way educated in medicine, I worked in the Stockholm headquarters during my time studying. But for anyone thinking of joining MSF I can wholeheartedly recommend it, they have a way of taking care of and appreciating every employee no matter what your position is. Not much beats the knowledge that your work saves lives.

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