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   Apr 10

Sunny Sunchokes

I recently got some Jerusalem Artichokes, also called Sunchokes from my math teacher. She’s got tons of them at her allotments (yes, plural!) and gave away lots of them, after sorting and washing they went into a clean lunchbox with some damp paper towels to keep them from drying out. I plan on planting them in my raised bed when it’s ready later in spring. I have been a little worried they might not keep and go soft and mushy like some of the store bought ones did. These guys, or should I say gals since the variety is called ‘Bianca’ are already sprouting! The little “eyes” show some growth so I decided to put one of them in a pot on the balcony as a test. We have had temperatures up to thirteen degrees recently so I think it should be fine. I just have to remember to give it a sip of water since the balcony has a roof, and Stockholm has been dry recently anyway. I’m hoping to get some nice flowers come late summer and then the delicious tubers later on. Most Sunchoke varieties don’t flower up here in Sweden since our summers are a bit short, but this variety does.
The tubers are fantastic mixed with potatoes in a gratin or oven baked with other veggies. One just has to plan when to eat them, there’s a reason they are also jokingly called Fartichokes.
Kruka m. jordärtskocka

Mom and dad were here for short visit Monday to Wednesday, it was nice to see them again as we haven’t seen each other since Christmas. Monday evening they came over for pizza night and Tuesday we had lunch at my favorite restaurant Indian Garden.
I have been collecting those semi rare Daffodils for mom, I enjoy them on the kitchen table and them let them wither down when the flowers start to look ratty and separate the dried bulbs for her. I had some pure white Grape Hyacinths, pure white large Daffs and some very small dainty pale yellow ones. I don’t know how she manages to cram in all those bulbs in her and dad’s tiny yard but somehow I’m sure she’ll do it.
I had some NOID Hoya cutting that have been growing in a vase for months, she got two and I kept one. I don’t have room for yet another enormous vine.
Easter was nice and calm with not much happening, studying and just generally puttering around and spending time with Johan and looking after the indoor plants. Our work schedules don’t really allow for much time together during the weeks. He gets off from work around the same time mine starts and we are often both tired come evening.
Katie Heath

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  1. Ellen says:

    I have never seen artichoke flowers! Do think you can manage to get yours to flower on the balcony? It seems as if you have your own nice little alotment on the balcony and I do not understand how you manage to cram so many things into such a tiny space … :-)

  2. Lene says:

    You are lucky to have a math teacher who share the passion for flowers with you.

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