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   Jul 10

From Manhattan to the Swamp

Phew! We’re having a heat wave right now, the weather is unusually warm and we’ve had several days with temperatures reaching 28 degrees! We poor Swedes aren’t used to having it quite this hot. The plants need lots and lots of water and I, their faithful servant need ice water.

In late May I bought a Canna lily with spent flowers, because of the lack of flowers it was marked down to 25 SEK, that’s quite a bargain! I recently had it repotted into a large bucket with drainage holes and the other day I saw a new bud forming! Right now it’s blooming its socks off. It feels good to get a great deal on a plant and then having it grow and flower.
Back to the Phalaenopsis orchids. I bought a new plant quite some time ago (also marked down from 199 SEK to 19,90 SEK) which I bet is ‘Wild Peach’ Since flowering is over I bought a simple but beautiful glass pot and put it in. Also the orchid where our former landlord broke the spike when she dropped a lamp on it was repotted. I figured it was for the best to give both of them some new space and growing medium. I have wanted to try a new thing with the orchids for awhile now. Planting in sphagnum moss and wine corks looks so pretty I had to give it a go. Friends have given me really weird looks when I have asked if it’s alright to keep the wine cork when at a party! I have to since the boyfriend doesn’t drink at all and looks at alcohol with disgust. Anyway, the project has been a success. The plants look very nice in their glass pots with the moss and wine corks.

_MG_0594 _MG_0597
Last week when doing grocery shopping I was stopped dead in my tracks by a real beauty, it called to me in its speckled purple glory and as by magic suddenly I had a new Phalaenopsis in the shopping basket. Of course I never meant to buy yet another shopping mall NOID but I simply had to. Turns out it isn’t as NOID as I though, beneath all the plastic and paper stuff they put on the plants I got down to the original transparent pot which had a neatly printed text that said ‘Manhattan’ week 34. It made me super happy to get a confirmation of my suspicions on the cultivar name.

Before I wrap up for this time I just wanted to tell that my Amaryllis ‘Cherry Nymph’ is flowering right now, with two stalks none the less. And the Penguicula that got a new home in a bonsai pot early this spring is also in flower, it’s so cute and also very reliable. It keeps the kitchen free of flies and ocassionally sends up some flowers. I even made a division that I brought as a house warming gift for some friends who have also recently moved to a new place. That’s all for now, I have to refill my ice water!

_MG_0588 _MG_0585 _MG_0603 _MG_0591 _MG_0593

The Canna leaves are very pretty with their dark colour. I also have some peppermint cuttings growing in an old strawberry container, they are made from the same material as jiffy pots.

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  1. Ellen says:

    It is not easy to resist an orchid at bargain price ;-)

  2. admin says:

    Nope, I figured that resistance is futile (as the borgs say!) so I could just go with the flow :D

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