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   Jun 23

Relocating, Repotting and Changes

Hi there again! Long time no see. Spring decided to be a hectic time for us since our landlady decided to sell the apartment we were renting, and between trying to find a new place to live and school there wasn’t the time and energy for the blog.
But now it’s June and the summer has given me more time to spend gardening and blogging, at a new place, a new balcony with an amazing view of the lake Mälaren.
Now, after half a month of living at the new place I feel the balcony garden is shaping up, the herb garden is finished in the planters and some of the indoor plants are summering outdoors.


What I don’t like is that we now live at the top of a hill, at the third floor with no elevator. It is torture to load a bag of soil onto a shopping stroller and take it all the way to the top and then carry it three floors. Doesn’t really make me motivated to repot my darlings. I bought eighteen liters of soil yesterday but it’s almost gone! Now here’s hoping for the weather to turn nice again, the weekend of Midsummer passed with grey skies, chilly winds and constant rain showers. The only thing actively growing in this sorry excuse for summer is the peppermint.

My Amaryllis bulbs have been refreshed with new soil and more space. Now I have a pot with only white flowering bulbs and one with reds and pinks. ‘Cherry Nymph’ has two buds! Look how juicy and nice it looks. When I was done taking pictures I realized that my favorite, ‘Aphrodite’ also has a bud, they are indeed spoiling me with flowers.
I’ll finish up this post with some recap pictures of spring.

_MG_0349 - Copy _MG_0354 _MG_0346 - Copy

My oldest Adenium is in bloom!


A Canna lily is relaxing in the reclining chair


_MG_0363 _MG_0361 _MG_0358 _MG_0357

And now some pictures of the gorgeous spring we had

_MG_9989 _MG_9977 _MG_9971 _MG_9967 _MG_9966 _MG_9958 _MG_9945 _MG_9949 _MG_9952


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  1. Thomas says:

    Good to see that everything is shaping up, and good work with camera.

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