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   Apr 26

Easter Holidays

Our Easter holiday was bliss! It started out with chilly overcast weather accompanied by winds, but ended in sunshine, warmth and a taste of summer.
Dear boyfriend had the day off on Maundy Thursday so we decided to head off for Djurgården, a large island in the harbour connected to the mainland by a bridge. It was a long time since I had been there and I wanted to see the pretty springtime wildflowers.
After almost two years in the city I was confident I could find my way without the crutch of my smartphone, perhaps overly confident as I took the wrong bridge and we ended up at Skeppsholmen instead! Of course my boyfriend took the opportunity to tease me about my mistake.

_MG_9814 _MG_9871

This is the place we were aiming for, right across the water.

Although not the place we had planned to visit, Skeppsholmen is a lovely place with old houses and laws strewn with flowers. In our search for a boat to take us to Djurgården we took a tiny bridge to Kastellholmen, yet another island, which is a bit rough and untended compared to Skeppsholmen. However, that didn’t bother me; I like gardens a bit on the wild side.

_MG_9799 _MG_9844
Kastellholmen was for a long time a part of Stockholm’s defense and features a small castle which once had cannons pointed out to sea. On both of the islands there are many old and gnarly oaks growing in the rooks. I’m sure it will look lovely once they are green.
What I found most entertaining about Kastellholmen was the tiny castle, complete with towers, arched windows and blazon inlays. It is situated to the right of the bridge support at the island’s shore. It turned out to be an ice skating pavilion, built in the 1800s as a place where nobles could change and get a bit warm in the winters before venturing out on the ice again. Nowadays it’s used as a hotel and restaurant.
If one were to visit Stockholm I would really recommend taking the time to visit Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen. Even though they are close to the city there is a calm and quiet on the islands that is only occasionally broken by a car or a siren from the city.

_MG_9822 _MG_9845 _MG_9815

Friday and Sunday we went to enjoy the Sakura blossoms in Kungsträdgården, a park in the city centre, planted densely with cherry trees.
_MG_9915 _MG_9897 _MG_9874_MG_9791
Monday it was time to take the first run of the season in our woods. The weather had warmed up and we could run without wearing our jackets!
The Common Hepaticas are still going strong but have gotten competition from the Wood Anemones. The weather has been amazing and I hope we can get to keep the warmer weather; we could really use some greenery now!


I can never get enough of cherry blossoms!

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  1. Thomas says:

    Skeppsholmen, the place to go to next time we are in Stockholm. Btw nice pics.

  2. admin says:

    Tack, ska jag vara helt ärlig gillar jag Kastellholmen bättre.

  3. lene starander says:

    Cherry blossoms are always lovely, I think it´s because they say to us: It´s spring, and we think about the lovely days we can look forward to.

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