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   Apr 12

Spring Symphony

So, spring has finally sprung. We had a couple of cold rainy days which were followed by glorious sunshine and birdsong. The buds on the lilacs are bursting in slow motion and one can see their tiny flower buds.  Other trees and bushes have bright green buds ready to finally meet warmer weather.
Behind our house there is a small forest where one can find masses of Common Hepaticas, which aren’t really that common in Sweden. Actually they are quite rare which makes it even more precious to get the opportunity to see them. It is a protected species in the whole country, meaning it is prohibited by law to sell the flowers or dig up their roots. In some parts of our contry the protection is even more strict. Best to enjoy them with eyes only.
Speaking of eyes, let’s see what spring looks like!


_MG_9630 _MG_9652 _MG_9679 _MG_9680 _MG_9683 _MG_9684 _MG_9685


Remnants of the farm which was once here.


Looks like ‘Wild Peach’


_MG_9689 _MG_9704

Our landlord is wants to sell the apartment and while trying to style it a bit she accidentally broke the flower stalk on one of my oldest Phalaenopsis. As a way to apologize she gifted me the green and pink one above.

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  1. lene starander says:

    I think all Swedes love the Common Hepaticas. Here in the southern part of the country we have seen them at least for a couple of weeks, but they are lovely.

  2. Thomas says:

    More and more signs of spring these days :-)

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