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   Jun 15

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

First of all let me say that growing herbs doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. You can get by pretty well just having one large pot with either a mix of herbs you like or just a single one.

Maybe it will come as a surprise that I never liked herbs that very much, I mean, who doesn’t like fresh herbs? But in my mind they were complicated to grow and often grey and dull. And let’s face it; some herbs do have quite greyish foliage. Then I got my own little balcony and Mr Greenthumbs decided he wanted me to grow herbs, all right. I dutifully acquired some of the herbs he wanted us to grow, and standing there looking and sniffing at the plants I kind of came to like them.

Growing herbs was a new experience, and now I’m stuck! So much that I would be tempted to say this is the summer of herbs. At the moment I’m growing chives, three types of mint, two types of basil, parsley, oregano, lemon balm, sage, dill and thyme. And I still think I haven’t got quite enough!

The positive side of herbs is that they are very easy to grow. They don’t require the best of soils and not very much water. Most of them can take full sun once they have been hardened off. I should give a little warning here. Even though mint is a delicious plant that can be used in many ways, maybe most notably in Mojito, it can become a weed and spreads easily. Do yourself a favour and plant your mint in a pot that has some distance to the ground, otherwise it will escape and you will get lots of volunteer mints.

Note should also be taken that basil is quite tender and can’t take cool temperatures very well, keep it inside until the temperature stays over 10 C both day and night.

So, get out and get some herbs!

Oregano flower Dill Flower bud of Thai basil

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  1. Thomas says:

    Nice pics with awesome deep of field.

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