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   Oct 15

Words from an Amateaur Amaryllis Connoisseur

A friend recently asked me to write a post about growing Amaryllis bulbs; this one is for you. The Amaryllis Hippeastrum bulb originates in South America, is developed by the Dutch and in later years refined in South Africa. It is a tender bulb, meaning it can’t tolerate low temperatures or frost. This should be [...]

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   Oct 04

September in retroperspective, an unusually warm month

We have had a great summer and an Indian summer too. September really was a split personality month, the early half was almost like summer while the second half changed to chilly autumn almost within hours. Wise of my previous autumns where I have waited a bit too long to bring in my frost tender [...]

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   Aug 12

The Amaryllis Algorithm

I confess I’m a sucker for Amaryllis bulbs. Every year, just when I’m as most vulnerable for their siren song and starved of greenery in the middle of winter, I buy one or two at full price without fail because they seduce me with their tall, fresh green stalks with promises of gorgeous, extravagant flowers. [...]

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