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   Sep 14

Crete and Life

The first week of the second school year has passed. I have been able to bike to school two days which has been lovely. The week went by in a snap, filled with nasty insects and plant diseases. Honestly, a bit doom and gloom with yesterday’s lecture about the elm disease and related ones. The [...]

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   Nov 26

SLU Acceptance Letter!

This is just a quick update to let everyone know the blog is still in use although it has been hibernating. So much has passed since I last wrote. For starters I got accepted into my dream education at SLU Alnarp. This is a gardening program geared towards production and thus very broad. I’m looking [...]

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   Aug 23

A Mint In The Concrete Jungle

I adore mint, it was one of the plants that was hauled from place to place when we lived in Stockholm and moved around a lot due to the difficulties of finding an apartment. It has lived in many a pot and even a sad looking window box once. I love it because the pretty [...]

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   Jul 02

Wonderful West Coast

Finally, we’re settled once again back home in Gothenburg. There are tons of work to do, cleaning out the cupboards, washing all the china again and generally lots of cleaning to do. Our renters weren’t very clean or hygienic. The shower looked like it hadn’t been washed at all in the three years we have [...]

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   Jun 11

After Rain Comes Sunshine

Update: I wrote this post prior to the move but never got the chance to post it until now. I’ll have a new post up soon about my new life in Gothenburg! We have had a cold and rainy spring here in Stockholm but it is finally warming up enough to wear a t-shirt for [...]

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   Apr 10

Sunny Sunchokes

I recently got some Jerusalem Artichokes, also called Sunchokes from my math teacher. She’s got tons of them at her allotments (yes, plural!) and gave away lots of them, after sorting and washing they went into a clean lunchbox with some damp paper towels to keep them from drying out. I plan on planting them [...]

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   Oct 10

Darkness Crept back into the Forests of the World

To quote Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings movie, darkness is creeping upon us in this part of the world, the weather is chilly and the leaves have started to turn colour. It feels sad but at the same time I like this darkness. I’m feeling like the world is a darker place and [...]

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   Jul 10

From Manhattan to the Swamp

Phew! We’re having a heat wave right now, the weather is unusually warm and we’ve had several days with temperatures reaching 28 degrees! We poor Swedes aren’t used to having it quite this hot. The plants need lots and lots of water and I, their faithful servant need ice water.   In late May I [...]

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   Jun 23

Relocating, Repotting and Changes

Hi there again! Long time no see. Spring decided to be a hectic time for us since our landlady decided to sell the apartment we were renting, and between trying to find a new place to live and school there wasn’t the time and energy for the blog. But now it’s June and the summer [...]

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   Apr 12

Spring Symphony

So, spring has finally sprung. We had a couple of cold rainy days which were followed by glorious sunshine and birdsong. The buds on the lilacs are bursting in slow motion and one can see their tiny flower buds.  Other trees and bushes have bright green buds ready to finally meet warmer weather. Behind our [...]

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